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A little over a year ago, I made a shift in the direction of my photography to start working more and more with teens.  Part of it was completely natural.  I’ve been in business long enough now that a lot of my baby and children clients have grown up into amazing teenagers.  But a big part of the shift was intentional.   I have always worked with high school seniors, but this past year I really wanted to focus a lot on the middle school age as well.  I’ve written a lot on my blog and on facebook about my heart behind these tween/teen sessions.  Here’s the link to the post from Sept 2015 that I wrote about “Why Tweens?”.  Please take a moment to read it if you haven’t already.

After a full year of tween and teen sessions, and even more and more senior sessions, I knew it was time for the next step.  In January I hired Bright Ideas to rebrand my entire business.  Lydia, the creative genious behind Bright Ideas,  gave me a new logo and a new brand identity for Beth Carter Photography.  Be sure to go take a look around on that site as well.  It has a whole new look and updated galleries and I just love it!   But in the process of branding my business, we talked a lot about the teen work I’ve been doing, and my heart in wanting to build up teens and showcase what’s great about them.  So we came up with a separate brand – Real Me.  So simple, yet so perfect.  It’s exactly what I hope to give the teenagers I work with – the chance to show their “real me” in the images we create together.  This entire site is devoted to all the amazing tweens, teens and seniors I’ve had the priviledge of meeting and working with.  Take a look around, and please read through all the ways you can use a Real Me session for the teen in your life.

And because every post needs a picture….here’s my favorite shot from a dance session a few weeks ago.  This session was gift to her as a gift for her 13th birthday.


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