Rachel & Kaylee | Orlando tween photography

Wow – has it really been since June since I blogged?!  It’s not for a lack of teen sessions thankfully.    I have lots to share from the last half of 2016 (still can’t believe it’s 2017!).  First up, these twin 7th graders who came all the way from Orlando for a tween session.   You know I love to capture hobbies, so they brought all kinds of fun props!  Rachel is a talented artist, Kaylee loves to read, and they both have a little bit of skater girl in them.  Oh – and they play instruments!  Hope you enjoy some of the highlights from their session!

2017-01-05_0001 2017-01-05_0002 2017-01-05_0003 2017-01-05_0004 2017-01-05_0005 2017-01-05_0006 2017-01-05_0007 2017-01-05_0008 2017-01-05_0009 2017-01-05_0010

Hanging out with dad during a break.  I loved this. 🙂

2017-01-05_0011 2017-01-05_0012

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  1. Beth, you really captured their stories in such an authentic and beautiful way. This middle school age is usually overlooked, but being a middle school mom and small group coach at Mosaic Church, this age group is my passion. I love seeing them figure out their identities in Christ in joyful anticipatiom of what God has planned for their future. You have truly been blessed with a wonderful gift to be able to capture stories of these young teens through photography that us parents can treasure and that they can truly be proud of to say “this is the real me.”

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