Quinceanara portraits

Over the years, I have been asked to take pictures of young ladies ahead of their Quinceanera parties.  They have always been casual dress portraits to use on invitations or in an album in preparation for the big day.  But back in February, I was asked for the first time in my career to photograph a beautiful young lady IN her gown!   I was so excited going into this session.  What made it especially fun was that the family wanted traditional studio portraits AND some done on location.  She looked amazingly gorgeous…and I just love the way all of these images turned out.

2016-05-29_0001 2016-05-29_0002 2016-05-29_0003 2016-05-29_0004 2016-05-29_0005 2016-05-29_0006 2016-05-29_0007 2016-05-29_0008 2016-05-29_0009 2016-05-29_0010

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