Kortney [Lakeland senior photography]

Graduation week, day 4!  It’s so exciting to think that by now, this girl has already graduated!!  I met with Kortney in April for her senior session.  She brought along her sister for a few of the shots as well.  Let me just say…she and her family were so fun to hang out with for the afternoon!  (Can’t wait for sister’s session next year!).  Kortney is such a beautiful girl.  I love that we were able to incorporate her cheerleading into some of the shots, as well as the fact that she’ll be attending FSU in the fall.  Go Noles!  (Don’t tell my hubby I just typed that….he is NOT a Florida State fan.) 🙂   Kortney, thanks for allowing me to capture these amazing images for you and your mom.  I hope you enjoy your summer and best of luck in the next couple of months!!

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  1. Your photography is awesome. You have made my granddaughter look flawless. She is beautiful and I am so proud of her. Looking forward to my other beautiful granddaughter photos next year

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