Caleb [Lakeland senior photography]

Day 3 of graduation week….meet Caleb.  This is seriously one of the most polite teenagers I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging out with.  A lot of senior guys don’t really care for pictures, but Caleb was great about going along with everything I asked him to do.   He had two very unique parts to his senior session.  He’s really into video production/movie making, so we had the idea to shoot at the historic Polk Theater downtown.  What an amazing experience!  For the second part of his session we went to Florida Polytechnic where we got some casual images as well as a few Dr. Who inspired shots.  You couldn’t have asked for two more different venues for this guy, but I really love how both turned out.  My family just got home from his graduation party.  I am so excited for Caleb and his family as they venture into a whole new chapter in their lives…high school graduate and college!  Love you ‘P’ Family!2016-06-04_0001 2016-06-04_0002 2016-06-04_0003 2016-06-04_0004 2016-06-04_0005 2016-06-04_0006 2016-06-04_0007 2016-06-04_0008 2016-06-04_0009 2016-06-04_0010 2016-06-04_0011 2016-06-04_0012 2016-06-04_0013 2016-06-04_0014 2016-06-04_0015 2016-06-04_0016 2016-06-04_0017 2016-06-04_0018 2016-06-04_0019 2016-06-04_0020 2016-06-04_0021 2016-06-04_0022 2016-06-04_0023 2016-06-04_0024


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