Caitlyn [Lakeland Senior photography]

In honor of all the high school graduations happening this weekend, I wanted to take the next week to share all the crazy amazing senior sessions I’ve had over the past couple of months.  First up is a personal favorite of mine….miss Caitlyn.  Caitlyn has been our babysitter for the past couple of years.  She is such a great girl, and my kids love her just as much as I do!  When we started talking about her session at the beginning of the year, she mentioned that she always wanted to take pictures with the yellow flowers that bloom just a few days each March.  So when I saw that they were blooming – we coordinated a time to meet up and got the most beautiful images!  The second part of her session we did out at Florida Polytechnic University.  That place has some seriously cool and unique architecture, so I always enjoy shooting there. Caitlyn is a natural in front of the camera, so she made my job very easy.

Congratulations on your graduation Caitlyn!!!  I’m so excited for what the future holds for you.  Just promise you won’t forget us!  😉

2016-06-01_0001 2016-06-01_0002 2016-06-01_0003 2016-06-01_0004 2016-06-01_0005 2016-06-01_0006 2016-06-01_0007 2016-06-01_0008 2016-06-01_0009 2016-06-01_0010 2016-06-01_0011 2016-06-01_0012 2016-06-01_0013 2016-06-01_0014 2016-06-01_0015 2016-06-01_0016 2016-06-01_0017 2016-06-01_0018 2016-06-01_0019 2016-06-01_0020 2016-06-01_0021 2016-06-01_0022

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