Austin [Lakeland senior photography]

Graduation week….day 7.  Austin was the last senior I worked with in May.  We got a couple different looks at a local park, then drove over to his high school football field.  He’ll be playing football in college, so we definitely wanted to incorporate that into his senior portraits.  For a guy that “doesn’t like pictures”, he did really great. 🙂  I even told him he should model.  (hee-hee!).  Congrats Austin on your graduation last week!  So glad I got a chance to meet you and your mom before your big move up north.

2016-06-08_0001 2016-06-08_0002 2016-06-08_0003 2016-06-08_0004 2016-06-08_0005 2016-06-08_0006 2016-06-08_0007 2016-06-08_0008 2016-06-08_0009 2016-06-08_0010 2016-06-08_0011 2016-06-08_0012 2016-06-08_0013 2016-06-08_0014

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