Arielle [Lakeland portrait photography]

A few months ago I was out exploring new parts of Polk County with my family.  We found this great new location that I just knew would be an amazing spot for a photo shoot.  I could immediately envision how the images would look and what kind of lighting I wanted to try.  It has been in my mind ever since.   Finally I decided I needed a model and I just needed to get out there and do a fun session just for myself.    Late one night, I sent a message to my friend Arielle asking if she was up for a “just-because” photo shoot.  Lucky for me she said yes!

Arielle is such a beautiful young lady, inside and out.   She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know!  Her passion is for the country of Uganda.   I highly recommend reading her blog to find out all about what God is doing for her ministry.  It’s inspiring to say the least.

Ok, now for the images.  There are a lot because I couldn’t pick just a few favorites.  It’s so funny, she and I were both so nervous for some reason.   I was anxious to try out some new lighting techniques and had so many ideas I thought my head would explode.  And she was just nervous about modeling.  But as you can see, she was a natural.  Arielle -THANK YOU so much for hanging out with us that night!  I so enjoyed spending time with you.   Thank you for allowing me to capture the beauty in you and in the nature surrounding you that night.

I love the diffused light from the cloud cover in these….

Then the sun came back out…

So I set up my off camera lighting that I’ve been wanting to work with more… Such a different look isn’t it?

Time for an outifit change…I just loved the softness of this dress, especially in contrast to the boots…

Some details….


What you can’t see in these shots is my daughter Sydney standing to my left.  I asked her to be silly and make Ms. Arielle laugh.  So she pulled out every silly noise and silly face she could think of.  She’ll make a great assistant someday!

I’m so thankful for the beautiful sunset we had that night.  These are the images I’ve been wanting to get out of my head for months now!  I could not be more pleased with the final result….

This was literally the final shot of the day.  Perfection!

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